Ghosts from Mississippi

I believe in the soul, my husband's strong shoulders. I believe in my kids' uncontainable laughter, a clean shaven face, I believe the smell of autumn, the grove on game day, Oxford any day. I believe in football, power foods, champagne any day, Avett Brothers' music. I believe NYC is a great city, the wearing of pearls is really theraputic, the genius of Tim Keller, the heart of Corrie Tin Boom, slow Saturdays. I believe conspiracy was involved in the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, and JFK, the old traditional culture of golf, girls with freckles, cowboy boots that go with everything. I believe in pink, the beach, riding bikes, acoustic guitars and banjos. I believe Mississippi will always feel like home. I believe in long, soft, kisses that last forever, the kind that make my clothes fall off. I believe in amazing grace sounds better sung with a southern accent.